Think twice before disposing of these items! Below is a list of the items that people commonly put in the wrong bin. Test your knowledge to see if you know what goes where.

Plastic Bag

#1 Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and film are too thin to be processed with other plastics, and they get tangled in the machinery. This causes lengthy delays and hazards for the workers who must untangle them.

Plastic #6

#2 Plastic #6

Rigid plastic #6 is recyclable, but foam #6 is not.

Clothing & Textiles

#3 Clothing & Textiles

Clothing and linens in good condition can often be donated — find local donation locations.

Paper Cups

#4 Paper Cups

Paper cups can’t be recycled because they’re not just made of paper; they’re usually also lined with plastic or wax to prevent the liquid from leaking through the cup.

Food Scraps

#5 Food Scraps

Compost your food! Food scraps can be put in the Mixed Organic Waste cart.

Shredded Paper

#6 Shredded Paper

Shredded paper is too small to sort. Pieces fall through cracks and stick to belts, preventing the paper from being recycled.

Garden Hose

#7 Garden Hoses

Long, cable-like items such as garden hoses and Christmas lights easily wrap around sorting equipment. This can damage or shut down the machines and create safety hazards for sanitation workers.


#8 Diapers

Disposable diapers contain both paper and plastic, and the mixed materials cannot be separated. If the diapers are used, they are also a biohazard.