Alternative ways to recycle
Take to Transfer Station

Avoid Removing It Yourself

Mishandling these bulky appliances can lead to physical harm. Hire a properly trained individual to remove a refrigerator or its compressor if you lack the experience. They may need to recover refrigerant before you can dispose of the fridge.

Never Dump Illegally

Refrigerators and other large appliances contain hazardous components, such as oil, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and mercury. Never dump these items because they leach hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Bounty Programs for Old Refrigerators

Local or regional utilities host bounty programs that take back used appliances. Receive discounts and rebates for turning old refrigerators for an ENERGY STAR® qualified model, which saves energy and money on operating costs. Find out more from your utility provider.


PG&E Rebate Finder Tool

PG&E is a utility company that offers an online rebate finder tool for large appliances. They help you find energy-saving products by comparing models; many appliances have mail-in rebates. Find out more.


Best Buy's Electronics and Appliances Recycling Program

Refrigerators can be hauled away for free when you purchase a qualifying replacement product that’s delivered by Geek Squad® or Best Buy Home Delivery. Additional major appliances or TVs can be hauled away for $20 each, such as dishwashers, dryers, freezer and washers. Find out more.

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Home Depot Rebate Finder

You can find what local rebates are available for which appliances by using Home Depot’s Rebate Finder tool. They also offer delivery and removal of large appliances; this service is free after spending $396 or more on one of their large appliances.


Sears RAD Program

Sears was the first broad line retailer to join the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program. Sears hauls away and disposes of refrigerators, freezers, AC units and dehumidifiers when customers purchase energy efficient products.

Ways to Reduce

energy star

Buy an Energy Efficient Fridge

Purchase a refrigerator that is energy efficient like one marked ENERGY STAR® . ENERGY STAR®  is a government-backed certification for energy efficient appliances. Learn more about how to pick out an eco-friendly fridge that will meets your needs.

Did You Know?

Home Efficiency Audit

Home Depot developed an easy-to-use tool that you can use to calculate your home’s energy use. This tool can also help you take steps to reducing your energy bill and help the environment. Find out more.

How Refrigerator Recycling Works