Don’t Dump Mattresses & Box Springs — Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Never dump mattresses and box springs where they don’t belong. It’s illegal, it can harm the environment, and it’s expensive for public agencies to pick them up. Instead, drop them off at a landfill, or dispose of them through a mattress recycling program.

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to recycle mattresses in California. California state law adds a small fee to the sale of mattresses and box springs that is used to fund their collection and recycling. California residents will receive a $3 reimbursement when they recycle mattresses and box springs at participating facilities.

Also, if you are buying a new mattress, check with your retailer regarding their pickup options. They may provide you with a free pickup of your old mattress at the time of delivery for no additional cost.

Here are the disposal options in Lake County:

Lake County Transfer Station & Recycling Center
230 Soda Bay Road, Lakeport, CA 95453 | (707) 234-6400 or (888) 718-4888
Map & Directions
Monday – Saturday, 7:30am – 4pm

To find other disposal and recycling locations, visit Bye Bye Mattress’s website. Learn more about getting rid of mattresses and box springs here.